Theresa Kielburger v. Canadaland et al

Here’s the statement of claim in Theresa Kielburger’s lawsuit against Canadaland, Jesse Brown and several of his employees. The lawsuit focusses on Canadaland repeating, in its one-sided White Saviors Podcast, libels published in Saturday Night magazine in 1996. Craig Kielburger, then 13 years old, sued the magazine and writer Isabel Vincent, who now writes for … Read more

Preliminary Notes on an Early Election

I hope someone writes an honest book about media coverage of this election so I can finally understand what the hell’s been happening. There hasn’t been a good book by a Parliament Hill journalist in years, and all the latest political books have been stillborn, with minimal sales, but where there’s life, there’s hope.First, I’d … Read more

Levant v. Al Jazeera and Levant v The Narwal

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice released two decisions last week on SLAPP motions filed by defendants of lawsuits launched by Ezra Levant.

I am working on a high-profile defamation case that may involve a SLAPP motion at some point. I am not going to help opponents on the other side, which is one of the reasons I have done so little new posting on this site. Someday, hopefully soon, I can do a deep dive into the two Ontario SLAPP cases recently decided by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Book Pitch, July 26, 2016

Has the death of mainstream media opened the door to every political quack and snake-oil dealer with the gall to dream up the most compelling lies?

In the spring of 2916, supporters of Brexit flat-out lied to the British people. They lied about the cost of Britain in the EU, about immigration. Almost as soon as the polls closed, they began to back-peddle on their lies and flee. Cameron and Farage resigned.

The Attempted Murder of the Kielburgers

First, a little re-intro. I am a former journalist, now practicing law and writing researched non-fiction books. I hold a PhD in History, as well as a law degree and a Master’s degree in journalism. I’m a four-time National magazine Award nominee, winning once for a feature on a wrongly-accused man. In 2015, my book … Read more

The media often gets criminal law wrong

I wrote a series of articles last summer on Canadaland’s dismal attempt to trash one of this country’s most important and valued charities. Today, I am posting an example of a piece where a Canadaland writer got the story right.I en geofysisk klinik er datamatricer normalt meget vigtige, fordi kvinders specificitet, der beskriver graden … Read more

Councillor sued for social media post

This case raises some interesting issues. An Ottawa city councilor is being sued for going much too far in what he likely saw as self-defence on social media. When a constituent called the councilor out for claims that he –the member of council — had improved policing in his ward, the politician allegedly responded by … Read more

Now that the ads are gone, can “objective” newspaper journalism survive?

Newspapers were, originally, subversive publications. News sheets were smuggled into England in the 1500s and early 1600s from Holland to dodge government censors. Governments and official religious groups wanted complete control of information. When France surrendered its North American possessions to the British in 1763, there wasn’t a single newspaper in its colonies. There wasn’t … Read more

Libel Law update (Ontario)

Just a few notes to bring people up to date on speech issues in Canada. We are still waiting for the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Pointes Protection and another case involving Ontario’s law against Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPPs). These are lawsuits, usually for defamation (but not always. Pointes Protection is actually a breach … Read more

CBC wins SLAPP motion against Subway Restaurants

Update: CBC has been awarded $500,000 in costs . That is a huge deal for free expression. We may very well see an end to lawsuits being fled to shut down media inquiry, and this kind of cost award deters corporations from trying to use the courts to muzzle environmentalists and anyone else who criticizes … Read more