Canada considers new hate crimes regime

I am not going to do an analysis on this topic now. I have a conflict of interest because of my wife’s employer.  However, other people have done solid coverage on this. Thanks to Richard Franklin Carter for these links:

Kathleen Harris of CBC News reports:

In the Law Times, Gabrielle Giroday reports:

Marc Montgomery of Radio Canada International reports:

In the National Post, Stuart Thomson reports.

May 2:

Wallis Snowdon of CBC News reports:


In The London Free Press, Anthony Furey comments:

An editorial writer at Postmedia comments:

In The Post Millennial, Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson comment:

In The Nelson Daily, David V. Johnson comments:


The official website of Canada’s Parliament provides basic facts about the committee and its work.

This page shows photos of the committee members and displays their party affiliations:

This news release (dated April 11) announces the committee’s intention to investigate online hatred:

This page lists all past committee meetings that were devoted to the discussion of online hatred: