Councillor sued for social media post

This case raises some interesting issues. An Ottawa city councilor is being sued for going much too far in what he likely saw as self-defence on social media. When a constituent called the councilor out for claims that he –the member of council — had improved policing in his ward, the politician allegedly responded by … Read more

Libel Law update (Ontario)

Just a few notes to bring people up to date on speech issues in Canada. We are still waiting for the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Pointes Protection and another case involving Ontario’s law against Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPPs). These are lawsuits, usually for defamation (but not always. Pointes Protection is actually a breach … Read more

Dissecting the Shame Wizard, Part II: I’ll Give $10,000 to Anyone Who’s Got a Kellogg’s Box With a WE Logog

Yes, it’s a very snappy headline. Lawyers should have flashbacks to law school and the Carbolic Smoke Ball case. Journalists and other people who read this might wonder why I would risk my money. Because there is no risk. I’ve been following the back and fourth between Canadaland and the WE organization since last fall … Read more

Craps Technique To Guess Like A Pro

But should you run into a dropping streak of 8 bets in a row, you’re looking at having to bet $640 to make up for your losses. Your expected loss remains $1.forty one, although, which successfully cuts the house edge in half, from 1.41% to zero.71%.