CBC wins SLAPP motion against Subway Restaurants

The CBC has won an important SLAPP motion against Subway Restaurants. SLAPPS are “strategic lawsuits against public participation” and have been used for years to scare people into silence. They are commonly used against environmentalists, political activists, journalists — especially small media — and bloggers. Ontario’s SLAPP law has brutal consequences for people who sue … Read moreCBC wins SLAPP motion against Subway Restaurants

The Problem with Columnists

Newspaper publishers love opinion writers for the same reason TV news networks use so many journalist panels: they’re cheap. In fact, they cost much less, per word, than reporters. The copy flows in every day, for spots that are laid out long in advance. No risk, no surprises. Punch in at 9 a.m., leave at … Read moreThe Problem with Columnists

It’s about Jesse Brown’s money

An overview: The Government of Canada’s proposed $600 million media tax credit has dominated news blogs and chatrooms.[1] At the heart of the criticism is whether the temptation of dollars will influence coverage of the government.[2] I’ve taught journalism and media studies at Concordia University and the history of media propaganda at Carleton University. I … Read moreIt’s about Jesse Brown’s money