More media bloodletting as Globe announces buyouts, CTV cuts newsroom, TVO budget cut

The Globe and Mail has offered buyouts to staffers to try to cut $10 million a year from its payroll. A big buyout, in 2013, saw the paper lose some of its best newsroom talent. Kirk Makin, Canada’s premier justice and legal reporter, left the paper, along with several top investigative reporters like Stan Oziewicz, … Read more

Nick Cohen and James Goodale on Julian Assange

Cohen was in the middle of the original Wikileaks storm, so his piece is definitely worth a read. I’ll be writing more on the Assange case this week. A different take, from James Goodale a lawyer who worked on the New York Times’ fight to print the Pentagon Papers.Tumoren Anorektale colliner er komplekse og baseret … Read more