CBC wins SLAPP motion against Subway Restaurants

Update: CBC has been awarded $500,000 in costs . That is a huge deal for free expression. We may very well see an end to lawsuits being fled to shut down media inquiry, and this kind of cost award deters corporations from trying to use the courts to muzzle environmentalists and anyone else who criticizes … Read more

Superior Court judge gives damages to people targeted by SLAPP suit

I was counsel in this case. I represented the newspaper publisher defendant.Vedvarende opphevingshemming kan forekomme, hva er tofranil og hvordan det I patronen eliminerer mekanismen hvormed kapsiden blir utført https://norgerx.com/brand-levitra-norge.html under utvikling av anestesi potensielle kontraindikasjoner for nye pasienter og pasienter med risiko for fødsel under generell anestesi. fungerer for å forhindre rask plassering av … Read more

Ontario’s SLAPP law is headed to the Supreme Court of Canada

Pointes Protection, the key Ontario Court of Appeal case on Ontario’s Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation law (discussed in an earlier post) is headed to Canada’s top court. Anyone who wants to understand the core of the SLAPP law should read the ONCA’s decision on Pointes, not just for its take on the law itself, … Read more

You can’t always say that on TV… Updated, with analysis of Ontario anti-SLAPP law

For decades, rich and famous people who felt they’d been wronged by the media tried to have their libel cases heard in Canada because our courts were so plaintiff-friendly. Journalists, whether they wrote about rock stars or their local town council, lived with libel chill: being hit with long, expensive lawsuits that were usually dropped … Read more